Introducing you to our beloved chocolate

Zella Chocolate: Our Original Flavors

Zella Chocolate was founded with a serious mission in mind - to develop high percentage cacao bars for the everyday chocolate enthusiast. Early on in our journey, we discovered that most high cacao percentage chocolate bars (about 75% and up) weren't very fun; they lacked flavor and left our mouths dry and tasting bitter. So we decided to do better. We promised to only create high percentage cacao chocolate, which to us maintains it's integrity more than milk chocolate bars. While there is nothing wrong with milk chocolate, Zella Chocolate is a company founded and fueled by dark chocolate enthusiasts with the goal of developing delicious and exotic dark chocolate bars. 

With that goal in mind, we began by prototyping different variations of a base chocolate. This chocolate would be the foundation of our bars so it was critical to choose a base that we could feel good about. While taste testing chocolate to find the perfect base isn't exactly what you would call tedious work, we still had to take into consideration some serious factors. Specifically, did we want our chocolate to be fair trade, organic, or both? Should we add cacao butter to make our chocolate soft and creamy, or leave it out for a bar with a nice snap to it? In the end, we trusted our gut and went with a base rich in cacao butter, which helped to mitigate the bitterness of traditional chocolate bars with a high percentage of cacao. Also, we decided it was important that our chocolate be fair trade, and eventually we would like it to be organic too. 

After confidently selecting a base we could build on top of, we began to experiment with flavor infusions. Now the fun could begin! In order to respect our commitment to chocolate bars with integrity, we decided that our infusions had to be natural. This meant, no animal crackers, Oreos, or Reese's cups (that was a tough decision). Instead, we chose infusions that would add texture and flavor: English toffee, cayenne pepper, espresso beans, and peanut butter chips. We love experimenting with flavors and have found that our customers like unique flavors too! This synergy has pushed us to continue to develop more and more exotic product infusions, and we are planning to release a new line fairly soon. 

If you would like to help us develop exotic infusions, please contact us and we will take your suggestions seriously. Our commitment to developing high cacao percentage dark chocolate bars with exotic infusions keeps us working hard and happily serving our loyal customers.

Since chocolate making is rewarding in and of itself, we made a decision early on to donate 20% of our profits to the non-profit organization Best Buddies International. We believe the money will improve more lives in the hands of Best Buddies than it ever could in our pockets. 

Stay bold mis amigos, stay Zella.